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Before Printing


Planning Your Project

It is not uncommon that you will start planning your book project a couple years before actually bringing it to fruition. We will begin our work with you at this very early stage by providing you with initial consultation at no cost. From this period to the time when you are ready for printing quotes, we will also work closely with you to address any other questions or concerns you may have. From time to time, we will also offer our suggestions to help you craft workable specifications.

Specs and Quotes

Once you have all your specifications ready, we will work up a price quote for you. Usually, the price quote will be good for 30 days. If it is over 30 days by the time you are ready to print, there may be a need for a requote. In most cases, the price will remain the same unless there are dramatic changes in material cost, labor wages, currency valuation etc. As a rule of thumb, our price is all inclusive, including shipping, customs clearance, truck delivery etc. on top of prepress, proof making, printing and binding so that you know there will be no last-minute surprise costs; if there is any extra cost due to an unexpected situation, we will give you enough notice before the cost actually incurs.

Test Drive Your Project

Before your book file is ready, we can help you run a test. For example, if you are not sure how your color pictures will actually print, you can sample some typical color pages for us to run a press proof for you at no cost. We can also do a preflight on your PDF file or assist you with setting up PDF parameters, crop marks, bleeds etc. At this stage, our professional suggestions about image editing and design ideas are also at your disposal.


During Printing


See It For Yourself

After finalizing high-resolution PDF files for printing with you, we will deliver a set of color proofs along with a bulking dummy in about ten days. The bulking dummy will be made with all the actual materials to be used in the final book. For example, if your project uses linen cloth with foil stamping and has a jacket with embossed book title, the bulking dummy will show all of these features. In other words, when you are holding the bulking dummy, you will feel like you are holding your finished project, minus the printing on the interior pages.

Last-Minute Changes

When you are reviewing the proofs and dummy, you have the freedom to make whatever changes you want, regardless of text, picture, page sequence, or even material choice. After receiving your corrections, you may check the soft proofs, in addition to an optional second round of hard-copy proofs.

Ready to Print?

We will start printing upon email receipt of your press approval. Typically, for a 200-page book and 2,000-copy run, printing and binding will be finished within two weeks. During this stage, we will keep you posted about your job’s progress. When we are close to completing production, we will start booking ocean shipping.


After Printing


Shipping Timeframe

Once printing is completely done, you will receive five advance copies via 5-day international express service at no extra cost. The boat will typically depart a week after the books are completed. It will take about 12 days to arrive on the west coast and 30 to 40 days for the east coast. Our company will be responsible for clearing the customs in both China and the U.S.

Taking the Final Steps

CosmoBLS, Inc. will also arrange trucking delivery when your freight arrives at the customs port closest to your designated warehouse. Finally, as the delivery date approaches, we will keep you posted
every step of the way and work closely with you to ensure a smooth hand-off.




Damage to and Loss of Freights


We always take the utmost care of your freight to ensure its safety. Your books will be boxed in double-wall burst-resistant corrugated cartons and securely stretch-wrapped and strapped to pallets. For ease of handling, each carton usually weighs no more than 30lb, while each pallet is less than 40" high. Should we ever run into unforeseen freight damage or loss, please be advised that all the shipments we handle are fully insured once they leave our plant.


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